So you want to meet LiLFlirt? You think you can just click you mouse and there you meet her. It is not that easy. LiLFlirt is one of the most protected Ladies in HC.
First of all who do you think you are even being here. You better be one tough umbrae to even be here. If you got weak knees or no backbone then turn around and head on back to where you came from. Hackers Canyon is not a place for the faint hearted. LiLFlirts camp has to be one of the most protected camps in Hackers Canyon. Don't let that pic of her fool you. She may look like she is playing with those guns but trust me she doesn't even need a gun. She is connected. A made woman in the Canyon.  Very few people  have  made the kind of money she has made in the Canyon. So lets start over here. Tell us why you want to meet LiLFlirt.
Tell us what you bring to the table besides you good looks. Why should we let you past this point to hang out with LiLFlirt? Let me know if you can figure out how to contact me.


I                                      w                                  a                                     n                         t                    t              m                 e        e    t      h     e     r  @

L                   i                 L             F                   L                 i                r                  t                 .               c                 o                  m